Bus Snow & Ice Routes

Snow Bus Stop


  1. Be at your bus stops earlier than normal. The buses will not be allowed to go back.

  2. If the morning bus is missed, you will need to take your child to school. If the afternoon elementary route is missed, meet the bus back at he elementary school.

Read more below for stops that will NOT be made:

StanwoodCamano School District Transportation
Ice and Snow Procedures / "Snow Routes"

School will be open and transportation provided on normal routes unless a StanwoodCamano school closure announcement is made. No announcement means normal transportation and normal school hours. During inclement weather please call schools or the Transportation Center only in an emergency, as phone lines will be extremely busy.

When school schedules are altered, announcements will be made daily between 6:00 and 8:00 am on the following radio stations:

KVI 570 AM KOMO 1000 AM KPLU 88.5 FM KPLZ 101.5 FM
KCIS 630 AM KING 1090 AM KLSY 92.5 FM KCMS 105.3 FM
KIRO 710 AM KMPS 1300 AM KUBE 93.3 FM KRPM 106.1 FM
KWYZ 1230 AM KRKO 1380 AM KMPS 94.1 FM KJR 96.7 FM
KBRC 1430 AM KJR 950 AM
KLSY 1540 KOMO TV (Ch. 4)

You may call 6291240 the District emergency line or 6291224 the Transportation Info line for an updated recording. Or visit http://schoolreport.org and follow links to StanwoodCamano School District.


Typical Announcements:
~ Schools Closed - Including all after school activities / meetings.
~ Snow Routes - Schools open with limited transportation or "snow routes" in effect.
~ One or Two Hour Delay - Schools and buses will operate on a one or two hour delay schedule.
~ School Open, No Transportation - Schools open on regular schedule, no transportation provided (should city or county officials close roads to heavy traffic)


Weather in StanwoodCamano school district is known to change quickly and is often unpredictable. Please listen carefully to the announcements for any modifications to the regular schedule or routes. Also remember that the district is geographically diverse and some areas may be extremely affected by conditions and other areas less affected. Decisions are made districtwide.

Some other points to remember:

* If your bus stop is located on a hill, please go to the top or bottom of the hill to board the bus.
* School buses are designed for safety, and will be equipped with chains as needed. Drivers have been instructed in operation of buses on slippery roads.
* During any inclement weather, buses will run as close to "ontime" as possible, but depending on the route, expect some buses to run late. Drivers are instructed to operate safely, not quickly.




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